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"Basic Robotics" and "Advanced Robotics" classes are offered at El Camino College and sometimes at local high schools, through El Camino College.

The purpose of the Robotics Academy is to introduce high school students to electronics and manufacturing technology through the construction, testing, and operation of functional robots. Participation in this academy will encourage students to investigate further the career opportunities available to them in hi-tech fields.

For high school students meeting the California Residency Requirements, there will be no costs related to participate in the Robotics Academy. The entire cost of the Robotics Academy, including all course materials for participants, will be covered by a grant provided to El Camino College by the Office of the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges. Students are be responsible for their own transportation.

To find out when robotics courses will be offered please contact:

Naomi Castro

Director, Career Pathways 





Manufacturing Technology 70

Basic Robotics

2 units; 1 hour lecture, 3 hours lab Credit, degree applicable

Transfer CSU

In this course, students will explore the technologies used to fabricate model robotic systems. Additional topics covered include basic electronics theory, electromechanical fabrication, micro-controller operation, machining processes, metal fabrication, and careers in technology. Project building and problem solving will be stressed.


Manufacturing Technology 75

Integrated Robotic and Automated Technologies

3 units; 2 hours lecture, 4 hours lab

Recommended Preparation: Electronics and Computer Hardware Technology 11,Manufacturing Technology 70

Credit, degree applicable

Transfer CSU

This course covers robotic and automation applications with emphasis on imbedded electronics, micro-controller programming, motors, and drive trains. Additional topics covered include electronics theory, electromechanical fabrication, sensors, manufacturing materials and processes, and career fields in which robotic applications are used. Students will construct, program,

and test a vehicular or process robot.

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