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The Career and Technical Education Program under the Career and Technical Education Unit administers state and federal resources to all community college districts to enable individuals to achieve academic, vocational and technical knowledge and skills necessary to attain employment or further their education. Ensuring compliance and accountability with federal and state performance standards for workforce preparation and development, the Career and Technical Education Program:

  • provides essential information and technical assistance;
  • conducts programmatic and fiscal oversight;
  • maintains a comprehensive statewide statistical database for research and planning;
  • supports expansion of services and programs for underrepresented and special needs students; and
  • encourages each college to establish a continuous quality improvement system.
Career and Technical Education programs offer colleges incentives and flexibility to implement projects that:
  • integrate academic, vocational and technical education;
  • improve programs and curriculum through the innovative use of technology;
  • support staff development;
  • foster implementation of effective educational practices; and
  • promote collaboration
Career and Technicial Education programs provide incentives to promote collaborations that help colleges prepare students for careers in current, emerging and evolving industries. Those college collaborations include:
  • secondary schools,
  • local employers,
  • related employment associations,
  • community-based organizations,
  • government, and
  • other colleges and universities.


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Dr. Virginia Rapp, Dean
(310) 660-3770


 Last Published 3/27/15