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Scholarship information and links are listed below. Please let Wendy Baldonado (310) 660-3281 know if you receive scholarship awards.

HEALTH PROFESSIONS EDUCATION FOUNDATION - Associate Degree Nursing Scholoarship Program

The Health Professions Education Foundation offers the Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship for the Registered Nurse Program. The purpose of the scholarship is to increase the number of registered nurses and to encourage nurses to practice direct patient care in medically underserved areas of California.

Students who are currently enrolled or accepted into an Associate Degree Nursing Program may receive up to $8,000 for one academic year. In return for receiving an Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship, awardees must agree to practice direct patient care for two years in a medically underserved area of California.

For applications, guidelines, or funding information about the Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship for the Registered Nurse program: or 1-800-773-1669

SPRING DEADLINE:   March 24 Annually

FALL DEADLINE:       September 11 Annually

Students can now apply for Nursing Scholarships online. Below is a listing of scholarships and the User Guide for Online Scholarship Application enrollment process can be downloaded below.

DOWNLOAD the El Camino College User Guide for Online Scholarship Application here.

L.A. West Council of Hospital Volunteers $400.00
Margaret Brant Nursing Scholarship $500.00
Maude Withers Nursing $750.00
Wednesday Progressive $750.00
Foundation Donors Award $500.00
Foundation Benefactors Award $1000.00
Foundation Scholars Award $1000.00
Joy Bender Memorial Scholarship $6000.00
 Last Published 3/27/15