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Physical Education – A.A. Degree

The degree provides an orientation to the profession through participation in diverse physical activities and study of the dimensions of exercise. Students will acquire the ability to utilize principles of human anatomy, physiology, and behavioral processes in a variety of exercise and sport applications. Competencies will be assessed by a student’s ability to solve problems in exercise program design and to evaluate movement skills, tactics, and strategies in various physical activities. Upon completion of the program, students will qualify to pursue advanced degree options or entry-level positions in the discipline.

El Camino College Major Requirements

Anatomy 30, Psychology 5, Physical Education 277, 280, First Aid 1; 
plus 8 units of activity-units distributed over a minimum of 4 activity categories to include:

Aquatics: Physical Education 240abcd, 241abcd, 242abcd, 243abcd, 244ab;
Combatives: Physical Education 14ab, 220abcd, 221abcd, 222abcd;
Court/Racquet: Physical Education 4abcd, 232abcd, 251abcd, 253abcd;
Dance: Dance 10, 12, 14ab, 16ab, 18ab, 19ab, 22ab, 23abcd, 32ab, 33abcd, 42ab, 43abcd, 61ab, 62abcd;
Fitness: Physical Education 1ab, 2abcd, 54abcd, 101abcd, 102abcd, 135abcd, 245abcd, 260, 285abcd, 300abcd, 302abcd, 305ab, 350abcd;
Individual Sports: Physical Education 24abcd, 208abcd, 224abcd;
Team Sports: Physical Education 4abcd, 7ab, 74abcd, 204abcd, 238abcd, 253abcd.

Note: Up to 4 units of intercollegiate sports can be counted toward the required 8 activity units.
Physical Education 207A and/or 207B may be used for 2 to 4 units of the required 8 activity units.

Total Units: 24

Preparation for the Transfer Major

For information on specific university major requirements, please obtain a transfer curriculum guide sheet in the Counseling Services Center, consult with your counselor, or visit the Transfer Center. You may use the transfer major requirements to help you fulfill your associate degree requirements.

 Last Published 3/27/15