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Welcome to Career Pathways!


Program’s Mission Statement:

Career Pathways designs comprehensive, for credit programs for secondary students, college students, and community members looking for employment or transfer opportunities in high demand, skilled careers. We partner with secondary schools, universities, local employers, community based organizations and workforce development agencies to specifically design pathways around areas of high employment need.

Overarching Outcomes

The objective of Career Pathways is to provide a comprehensive roadmap for students to navigate from high school, to community college and on to either employment or transfer. We link services from the college, the high schools and outside agencies to provide support and guidance to help students along their chosen pathway. Pathways are designed based on industry needs with an expectation of leading to meaningful employment.

Service Area Outcomes (SAOs)

1. Eighty percent of industry representatives will agree that our training programs match their need for entry-level production employees (Job Fair Employer Survey) [draft].

2. Eighty percent of students will agree that the training program has prepared them for entry-level employment in their field (student satisfaction survey) [draft].

3. Eighty percent of industry representatives will agree that El Camino College is responsive to their needs as an employer (Industry & Technology Advisory Survey) [draft].


For more information please contact:

Naomi Castro

Director, Career Pathways 310-660-3589

 Last Published 3/27/15