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In the spring of 2005 the El Camino Planetarium installed a new GOTO Chronos planetarium projector with star plate technology that projects 8,500 stars (down to magnitude 6.5), planets, and the Milky Way. Thirteen of the brightest stars in the sky are projected in their natural colors. In addition to stars, the Chronos projector can accurately display 26 of the most popular celestial objects like the Adromeda Galaxy and the Orion Nebula with dedicated projectors for the Magellanic clouds.


More recently, a fulldome LCD projector, by Ash Warped Media, was added.  The Planetarium is now able to show fulldome, high resolution movies and images.  The Planetarium currently offers three fulldome features; New Horizons, Universe, and Stars of the Pharaohs, for public viewing.


For more information on public shows visit our Planetarium Show webpage.  If you would like to book a planetarium show for a field trip, please visit our For Visiting Schools page and contact Kimberly Davis at (310) 532-3670 X3548.




 Last Published 3/27/15