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Assessment Personnel 2014-15

SLO Faculty Coordinators

Russell Serr

Karen Whitney

Michelle Priest

SLO Coordinators are faculty who are responsible for assessment training, oversight on institutional assessments, and maintenance of assessment-tracking software.  As they oversee all aspects of academic and student services assessment, they compile data and disseminate information to the campus and community.  They may also make recommendations to the Academic Program Review Committee and Academic Senate to influence campus-wide policy and planning.


SLO Faculty Facilitators & ALC Reps

Behavioral and Social Sciences - Eduardo Munoz and Janet Young

Business - Kurt Hull and Ana Milosevic

Fine Arts - Fariba Sadeghi-Tabrizi, Vince Palacios and Harrison Storms

Health Sciences and Athletics - Corey Stanbury

Humanities - Kevin Degnan and Argelia Andrade

Industry & Technology - SueEllen Warren and Renee Newell

Mathematical Sciences - Susanne Bucher

Natural Sciences - Jim Noyes

Compton Center - Kendahl Radcliffe and Dahlia Juarez


Service Area Outcomes Contact

Robin Dreizler






 Last Published 3/27/15