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A student with a learning disability experiences difficulty in processing information, retaining it and expressing it.  Symptoms may include difficulty with reading, spelling, mechanics of writing, math computation, memory or problem solving.  More subtle difficulties can exist in organizational skills, time management and social/interpersonal skills.

Services of the Special Resource Center

  • Assessment to identify learning disabilities
  • Diagnosis of learning strengths and weaknesses
  • Development of a personalized  education plan
  • Individual learning assistance incorporating successful learning strategies
  • Educational development courses
  • Advocacy to insure reasonable accommodation

Characteristics of a Typical College Student with Learning Disabilities

A student with a learning disability may identify with some of the following attributes:


  • Confusion of similar words, difficulty using decoding skills, and problems reading longer words
  • Slow reading rate
  • Difficulty comprehending and retaining information


  • Difficulty with sentence structure, poor grammar and omitted words
  • Frequent spelling errors, inconsistent spelling and letter reversals
  • Poorly formed letters, difficulty with spacing and punctuation


  • Difficulty expressing ideas orally
  • Problems with pronunciation of words


  • Difficulty remembering basic math facts
  • Confusion and reversal of numbers, number sequence or operational symbols
  • Difficulty reading and comprehending word problems


  • Difficulty concentrating and remembering information
  • Insufficient time to complete tests or in class assignments
  • Difficulty identifying main thoughts in print and/or lecture
 Last Published 3/27/15