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Access privileges to El Camino College (ECC) computing facilities may be granted, upon approval of the appropriate administrator to any ECC faculty or staff member. An individual may have these privileges revoked if he or she violates the rules set forth in this policy statement.

"Access" is considered to be physical use of a computer or terminal, or remote access to a computer via a network or telephone line. Access to both local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN) and the District’s main-frame computing systems require both a user id and password associated with a valid employee account.

Computing facilities are to be used for District business related purposes. The District treats all data, including electronic mail messages, sent, received are stored in its computer facilities as District data.

Should employees use District computing facilities to transmit or store personal data, including electronic mail (E-mail) messages, such data will be treated no differently from other data, i.e., the District reserves the right to access, review, copy, delete or disclose data for any purpose. Accordingly, employees cannot use the District’s computing facilities to send, receive or store any messages that they wish to keep private. Employees should treat the District computing facilities as a shared file system with the expectation that messages or data sent, received or stored in the system (or in individual hard disks) will be available for review by District representatives for any purpose.

Use of ECC computing facilities is granted to employees for the following purposes:

  • development of course-work and related activities,

  • research activities,

  • participation in campus or community activities,

  • administrative or job related duties and,

  • personal use such as mail and news access.

Individuals (hereafter known as "users") who are granted access to computing facilities shall adhere to the following rules and responsibilities:

  • Users shall not transmit information that contains obscene, offensive or discriminatory material to another individual, mailing list, news group or public area using an ECC computer.

  • Users shall not violate the license agreement of any software application installed on an ECC computer.

  • Users shall not use an ECC computer system or network in the commission of a crime or any other unlawful purpose according to federal, state, county statues and El Camino college rules.

  • Users shall not attempt to gain improper access to any computer system, on or off campus.

  • Users shall not use an account (user id/password) other than their own to access a computer system on campus.

  • Users shall report any violation of this policy to Information Systems and Services.

  • Users shall immediately report any security flaws or issues to Information Systems and Services.

  • Use of ECC computing facilities, including desktop systems, for commercial purposes is not permitted.

  • Users shall not install pirated and/or unlicensed software on ECC equipment.

Violation of this policy may result in loss of access privileges and may result in disciplinary and/or legal action in accordance with the appropriate bargaining unit contract and according to State or Federal laws.

 Last Published 3/30/15