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Thomas M. Fallo, Superintendent/President

President's Message

At the beginning of the 2014-15 academic year, El Camino College welcomed hundreds of new students to the campus. In addition, 20 faculty, 23 staff members, and two managers were hired at the college. We continue to add more classes each semester, helping students achieve their educational goals.

The college’s focus on student success can be seen in the recently state-funded Student Success and Support Program (SSSP), which is important to all community colleges. SSSP essentially sets parameters of success for students from the time they decide to apply for college through their completion of a degree or certificate. By completing the four steps to enroll, students will be given a priority registration date. High school seniors of in-district high schools will continue to receive a higher priority registration upon completion of the four steps to enroll. More information about the four steps to enroll may be found at

All new students are encouraged to begin the four steps to enroll at El Camino College as soon as possible:

APPLY – New and returning students must complete an application.

PREPARE – All new students must participate in an orientation session and are encouraged to take practice placement tests.

TEST – Assessment testing must be completed prior to registering for classes.

PLAN – Students must see a counselor prior to registration to develop an education plan.

El Camino College students work hard each day to achieve their goals and our alumni are achieving in their chosen fields. We are proud to be a part of their success and appreciate the community support we have received since El Camino College opened 67 years ago.

 Last Published 3/30/15