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Getting Started

We place a high value on personal contacts with potential vendors. It is our hope that your visit will be informative and mutually beneficial. To start the process of doing business with El Camino College, interested vendors should send a letter to the Purchasing Department, describing the products and services the College regularly uses. When the need arises for these services, we will contact qualified vendors.

Buying Materials and Supplies

The Purchasing Department Staff buys most materials and services for the College, including all construction and maintenance services. However, under the law, the Board of Trustees has the sole responsibility for approval of all purchases and contracts of the District. The Purchasing Department shall obtain maximum value of each dollar expended, considering the factors of price, quality, applicability, support service, pertinent County, State, and Federal legislation, as well as other applicable Codes. Vendors are required to conduct their business directly with the Purchasing Department during established working hours. If calls to other campus departments are necessary, arrangements will be made by the Purchasing Department Staff. The Bookstore purchases textbooks, student supplies and promotional materials.

Vendor Contact

Vendors may contact the Purchasing Department Staff any weekday between 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Appointments are suggested. Even though other departments may occasionally contact vendors, only the Purchasing Department is authorized to issue purchase orders. Purchases made in the name of the District without an authorized purchase order shall be considered an obligation of the person making the purchase and not an obligation of the District.

Visitor Parking

The Purchasing Department is located in the Administration Building, first floor, room 131, at 16007 Crenshaw Blvd.,Torrance, CA 90506 between Redondo
Beach Blvd. and Manhattan Beach Blvd. Forty minute visitor parking is available without a permit at the corner of the campus near Redondo Beach Blvd., just east of the Campus Police Department. This parking area is identified with a green curb. Extended visits require a Parking Permit, available at no charge in the Purchasing Department. A daily parking permit is also available from the parking permit machines in each lot. Handicap and reserved parking areas are restricted.

Purchase and Bid Process

The acquisition of materials and/or services totaling less than $5,000.00 (including sales tax), may be made by issuing a purchase order, following competitive negotiations with vendors.

Written quotations shall be secured for: Equipment/Supplies/Services totaling $5,000.00 up to $62,400.00 and may increase annually. These purchasing procedures are designed to encourage open competition.

The Purchasing Department shall assure proper satisfaction of requirements through properly developed specifications. They are to be clear, detailed, and descriptive, yet sufficiently broad to promote competition among vendors.

Law requires formal, advertised bids for Equipment/Supplies/Services totaling $62,400.00 or more (including applicable sales tax) and for labor in excess of $15,000.00. These amounts are in accordance with PCC 20651 and may increase annually. The Torrance “Daily Breeze” is our legal newspaper of record for all advertised bids. Bid announcements are published once a week for two consecutive weeks in the Legal Section.

All advertised bids will be received ONLY in the Purchasing Department, in a sealed envelope identified with the bid name/number prior to the date and time specified in the Bid Notice. The electric date/time stamp in the Purchasing Department determines timely receipt of a bid. Vendors and contractors are responsible for ensuring that the Purchasing Department receives their bids on or before the deadline. Bids received in person or by mail after the scheduled bid closing will be returned unopened to the bidder. Faxed bids CANNOT be accepted.

Bids are then reviewed to determine the lowest responsible and responsive bidder. This evaluation process may consider such factors as price, specification, vendor’s past performance, product compatibility and quality, and, when appropriate, proposed delivery or completion time.

After bids have been reviewed and analyzed, a recommendation will be made to the Board of Trustees at their next regularly scheduled meeting (usually the third Monday of the month). Bid re-caps will be available for review in the Purchasing Department after awards have been made. The purchase of goods and/or services shall be awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. The criteria for selection of bidder will appear in the bid packet.

Failure to respond to bid invitations or price requests may result in removal from the bid list. A vendor’s response of “No Bid” is considered responsive.

Board Resolution Permitting Cooperative Purchasing:
Providing the agency with whom the District wants to do business has a reciprocal agreement, the District may “piggyback” onto active bids for the acquisition of materials and services from other college/ school districts as well as State and other public agencies.

Pre-bid Contact with District Personnel:
Vendors will occasionally expend considerable time in presenting or designing a product in hopes of making a sale. If you do this, remember that the purchase will eventually be made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder meeting the specifications, terms, and conditions. Your investment of time and/or expenditures for design, demonstrations, layouts, etc., does not guarantee award to your company or preferential treatment of any kind.

Hazardous Materials:
Vendors are required to provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) from the manufacturer for all products that contain hazardous material as defined by Title 8 California Code of Regulations. The MSDS is required for the merchandise being shipped.

All materials shipped to the College must be delivered to the Warehouse at Central Receiving, 3400 W. Manhattan Beach Blvd., Torrance, CA 90506, unless
otherwise specified by the Purchasing Department. The Purchase Order number MUST appear on all cartons and packing slips.

Receiving hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Director: Rocky Bonura
(310) 660-3374


 Last Published 3/30/15