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Dr. Jean Shankweiler, Vice President



Mission Statement:  El Camino College offers quality, comprehensive educational programs and services to ensure the educational success of students from our diverse community.

EL CAMINO COLLEGE is committed to being an open access institution and serving students of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

Our exemplary faculty and professional staff recognize that individual, community and global needs are diverse and changing. In response to these needs the college offers comprehensive educational opportunities for:

  • Achievement of Associate Degrees in Arts and Sciences
  • Transfer to baccalaureate institutions
  • Mastery of basic skills such as critical thinking, mathematics, written and oral communication
  • Cultural enrichment and lifelong learning
  • Acquisition of the necessary career education and skills to successfully participate in the workplace and global economy
  • Development of the economy and jobs in the region and state

To assure the quality of these educational opportunities, the College is dedicated to implementing its stated strategic initiatives:

A: Enhance teaching to support student learning using a variety of instructional methods and services. 
B: Strengthen quality educational and support services to promote student success.
C: Foster a positive learning environment and sense of community and cooperation through an effective process of collaboration and collegial consultation.
D: Develop and enhance partnerships with schools, colleges, universities, businesses, and community-based organizations to respond to the workforce training and economic development needs of the community.
E: Improve processes, programs, and services through the effective use of assessment, program review, planning, and resource allocation.
F: Support facility and technology improvements to meet the needs of students, employees, and the community.
G: Promote processes and policies that move the College toward sustainable, environmentally sensitive practices

Statement of Philosophy

Everything El Camino College is or does must be centered on its community. The community saw the need and valued the reason for the creation of El Camino College. It is to our community that we must be responsible and responsive in all matters educational, fiscal and social.

 Last Published 5/1/15