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Assessment, Intervention and Management of Safety (AIMS)

A Resource for Student Success and Campus Safety - Committee Members

The Assessment, Intervention, and Management of Safety, is a multidisciplinary campus threat assessment and behavioral intervention team that guides the campus community in effectively assessing and addressing threatening and/or concerning behaviors. AIMS strives to assist the campus in intervening before behaviors reach a critical level.

AIMS Committee Members Email Phone
Dr. Jan Schaeffer, Clinical Psychologist and Co-Chair x3660
Michael Trevis, Chief of Police and Co-Chair x3101
Trish Bonacic, Director, CalWORKS/TANF/GAIN/SRC - Compton Center 310-900-1600
Rocky Bonura, Director, Business Services - Ad Hoc Member x3374
Michelle L. Arthur, Acting Director, Student Development /Student Conduct Officer x3500
Ruben Lopez, Detective, Campus Police

Ray Lewis, Faculty, Administration of Justice x3348
William Mulrooney, Director, Admissions & Records / Veterans Services x3418
Renee Galbavy, Faculty, Psychology x3584
Sharin Nakayama, Supervisor, Special Resource Center x6701
Dr. Dipte Patel, Dean, Counseling and Student Services x3444
Jaynie Ishikawa, Director, Staff and Student Diversity Office x3813
Kathryn Holmes, Interim Director, Special Resource Center x3297

AIMS does NOT respond directly to emergencies. Call 9-1-1 if you experience an emergency.

 Last Published 4/28/15