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Semester Unit of Credit

College work at El Camino College is measured in terms of semester units. A unit is the value placed on three hours of the student's time per week in pursuit of educational goals; thus, for one hour of classroom lecture and approximately two hours study and preparation or for three hours of laboratory or shop work, one unit of credit is earned. The time allotment and unit value assigned to each course is designated as part of the course listing.

Grades and Grade Points

Grade points are numerical values which indicate the scholarship level of letter grades. Grade points are assigned according to the following scale:

A Excellent - 4 points for each unit
B Good - 3 points for each unit
C Satisfactory - 2 points for each unit
D Passing, less than satisfactory - 1 point for each unit
F Failing - 0 points for each unit
CR Credit, at least satisfactory, units awarded.
I Incomplete (See Note 2)
IP In Progress (See Note 3)
W Withdrawal (See Note 4)



1. Credit - No Credit
A certain number of courses are offered only on a CR/NC basis while some others are offered on a CR/NC or letter grade option depending on which the student selects during the fourth week of the semester. A student earning a CR grade will receive unit credit
toward graduation, but unit credit earned in these courses will not be considered when calculating grade point average. Designation
of CR/NC or option CR/NC grading is included in the course description. All grades except W and CR/NC will be considered in determining the grade point average. Grade point average equals total grade points divided by total units attempted for which grades have been assigned. While NC and W grades are not used in grade point determination, a student with an excessive number of withdrawals or NCs will be required to have special counseling and will be subject to probation or disqualification regulations.

2. I - Incomplete
Incomplete academic work for unforeseeable, emergency, and justifiable reasons that include circumstances beyond the student's control may result in an "I" symbol being entered in the student's record. A student receiving an "I" will be provided with a written record containing the conditions for removal of the "I." This record will be held for the student in the Records Office through the sixth week of the regular semester following receipt of the incomplete mark. If the student does not obtain the record and complete the required work by the end of the sixth week, the "I" will automatically be removed and a grade depending on incomplete work will be assigned.
Any extension of the time for completion of the required work must be approved by the division dean. The student should petition
for the extension of time on a form provided by the Admissions

3. IP - In Progress
In progress: the "IP" symbol shall be used only in those courses which extend beyond the normal end of an academic term. It indicates
that work is "in progress," but that assignment of an evaluative symbol (grade) must await its completion. The "IP" symbol shall remain on the student's permanent record in order to satisfy enrollment documentation. The appropriate evaluative symbol (grade) and unit credit shall be assigned and appear on the student's permanent record for the term in which the course is completed. The "IP" shall not be used in calculating grade point averages. If a student enrolled in an "open-entry, open-exit" course is assigned an "IP" at the end of an attendance period and does not re-enroll in that course during the subsequent attendance period, the appropriate faculty will assign an evaluative symbol (grade A through F, CR, NC) to be recorded on the student's permanent record for the course.

4. W - Withdrawal
To withdraw from a class or classes the student should make an official withdrawal in the Admissions Office. Withdrawal from a class or classes shall be authorized through the last day of the twelfth week of instruction. If a student remains in class beyond the twelfth week, a grade or an "I" (Incomplete) shall be assigned. A student who must withdraw after the twelfth week in extenuating circumstances may petition for assignment of a "W" grade. Extenuating circumstances are verified cases of accidents, illnesses or other circumstances beyond the control of the student. No notation ("W" or other) shall be made on the academic record of the student who withdraws prior to the close of the fourth week of a semester course, or the first week of a six-week course or the second week of an eight or nine-week course. Any withdrawal occurring after the close of the fourth week through the last day of the twelfth week of the semester shall be recorded as a "W" on the student's records. A grade of "W" shall be assigned in six-week courses to students who withdraw between the first and the fourth weeks; and for eight or nine-week courses, the "W" grade is assigned to withdrawals occurring between the second and sixth weeks. In all other courses of less than one semester in length (other than six, eight, or nine weeks), no notation will be made on the academic record of the student who withdraws within the first 20 percent of the course; and a grade or "I" is entered on the record of the student who withdraws after 67 percent of the course. The "W" shall not be used in calculating grade point averages, but excessive "Ws" shall be used as factors in probation and dismissal

5. Definition of an Academic Week
For purposes of this policy, a week of a semester is defined as one having at least three days of campus-wide instruction, as scheduled in the El Camino College calendar.

Grade Change Procedure

A student who has been assigned an incorrect grade in error may file a petition in the Records Office requesting a review of the grade record by the institution. The student may have up to 18 months from the end of the course to petition such grade change. The student who, under previous grading procedures, received a failing grade because of being dropped from a class for nonattendance, may petition for a grade change to a "W" if the student was passing at the time of the non-attendance drop. The instructor of the course shall determine the grade to be awarded to each student. The instructor's determination of grades is final except in cases of mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetence. A petition to change an earned grade of CR to a letter grade in those courses which provide the option may be approved upon appropriate examination by the instructor and concurrence of the division dean.

For further information on Academic Probation and Course Repetition Policy and Procedures - Visit the College Catalog.


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