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CalWORKs Work Study and Job Placement

The CalWORKs Job Developer is available to assists students by providing work study opportunities on and off the college campus. Students are able to meet their required GAIN approved activities (20/30/35 hours) while they complete their course of study. Verification of student employment and completion of a variety of county documents are processed by appointment.

Job Placement Requirements:

The Verification of Benefits form is required prior to placement and the beginning of each school semester to be signed by the eligibility worker.

All students are required to attend a CalWORKs Work-Study Orientation. The orientation gives an overview of the program, purpose, goals, student requirements, student rights, responsibilities, work ethics, campus resources and the hiring process. Enhancement skills works shops are presented to increase student employability and as a guide for success in the workplace.


To set up your appointment you can:
Call us at (310) 660-6057
Stop by the CalWORKs office

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 Last Published 3/30/15