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Civic Center Facility Fee Schedule - Classrooms, Conference Center, and Parking Facilities

Please refer to the User Definition section before referring to the Rental Fee Schedule listed in the table below.

Class I
Class II
Class III
=  ECC District Users 
=  Non Profit Users
=  For Profit Users 
=  No Rental Fee but will pay for Direct Cost
=  Rental Fee and Direct Cost
=  Fair Rental Value

Rental Fees (Hours: 4hrs. or less)


Non Profit

For Profit

     1-50 seats



     51-100 seats



     101-250 seats



Conference Center:  Our conference center is currently under renovation until September 2010.
     Decathlon/Stadium/Staff Lounge



     Alondra Room



     East Dining Room/ Main Area



Parking Lot:
     Parking Lot F (Upper or Lower Parking Structure)



  • Additional rental hours will be prorated
  • For utilities, supplies, equipment rental, and labor cost estimate, please contact Program Specialist at (310) 660- 3593 ext. 3485.
 Last Published 3/30/15