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There are over 1000 computers scattered across 33 computer labs on the El Camino College campus. The main student computer lab is in the basement of Schauerman Library. Unless noted, all have Internet access, and are able to access MyECC.

Location of Computer Lab

Type of Machines

Art-5 Mac OS 10
Bus-6 Cisco Win XP
Bus-8 CIS lab Windows Vista
Bus-9/11 Windows Vista
Bus-10 Windows Vista
C-109 News Mac OS 10 
C-202 Writing Win XP
C-203 Lang Lab Mac OS 10 
C-204E CAI Win XP
C-204W CAI Win XP
C-205 Writing Lab Win XP
Lib-15a Research Win XP
MCS-7 Math Win XP
MCS-8 Math Win XP
MCS-9 RAD Tech Win XP
MCS-6 Respiro Win XP
MCS-108 CIS Windows Vista
MCS-109 CIS Windows Vista
MCS-111 CIS Windows Vista
MCS-218/9 Read Win XP
MU-3 Music Win XP
Phy-113 CompSci Win XP - No Internet Access
Phy-114 CompSci Win XP - No Internet Access
Shops Auto Win XP - No Internet Access
TA-101 Nursing Win XP
TA-204 CAD Win XP
TA-205 TOP Win XP
TA-206 CAD Win XP
TA-210 Fashion Mac OS 10
TA-251 Art/CAD Win XP
TA-251a CATIA UNIX - No Internet Access

Schauerman Library Locations

Type of Machines

Lib-252 Basic Sk
Lib-101 Reference
Win XP  
LMTC Commons
(5 labs)
Win XP, Mac OS 
 Last Published 3/30/15