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Departments all over the county, state and country have hired our students. Our training program has beenGraduation recognized by Fire Marshals from other states for certification. The program is demanding, yet rewarding.

Graduates of the El Camino Fire Academy receive the following:

1.  California State Fire Marshal Certificate of Completion of a Firefighter 1 Academy.

2.  California State Fire Marshal Certificates in:

  • Fire Control I: Fire Behavior / Chemistry
  • Fire Control II: Fire Ground Operations
  • Fire Control III: Live Fire Training
  • Fire Control IV: Gas Fire Training (At Chevron)
  • Fire Control VI: Wild Land
  • Fire Control VII: Wild Land Manipulative
  • Auto Extrication
  • Confined Space Awareness
  • Haz-Mat First Responder Operational
  • ICS Basic 200

3.  El Camino Certificate of Completion in:

  • Wildland Firefighting in the I-Zone
    • (40 hours)
  • Blood Born Pathogens
    • (Communicable Disease Control for Firefighters)
  • Flashover Training
    • (Swede Survival System)
  • Trench Rescue Awareness

To apply go to the Contact Us link.

 Last Published 3/30/15