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The mission of the Foundation is to support student success by raising funds and developing community relationships.

The El Camino College Foundation is involved in a number of strategic initiatives that provide dynamic opportunities for our individual and corporate partners to join us in our mission to support student success through education.

We are introducing new programs that will broaden the learning opportunities for our students. The Foundation is here to help students achieve their academic and career goals by providing them with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to compete in today’s global economy. El Camino College serves as the functional bridge connecting students to higher education – without which many prospective students would be left behind. Our goal is to present opportunities that will lift the hopes and desires of our students and allow them to become all they can be. We accomplish this now through financial support of specific programs such as Scholarships (over $1.4 million awarded annually), and other programs that support our students. In addition, the Foundation provides financial resources for equipment and learning resources.

Through partnerships with individuals and corporations in our community, the Foundation supports the college by enriching the campus environment. We are proud of our accomplishments, but we need to do more. Shrinking educational budgets, coupled with growing enrollment creates a greater need for the Foundation to play a larger role in support of the college. Together, we are building futures through education.

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 Last Published 3/30/15