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Endowed Scholarships

Establishing an endowment provides permanent, sustainable funding for scholarships for current and future students.   

The minimum level to establish an endowed scholarship with the El Camino College Foundation is $10,000.  Endowed scholarships can be established in a number of ways including (1) fully funding the scholarship at the time it is established or (2) funding the scholarship through a multi-year pledge.  For a $10,000 scholarship, the maximum pledge period is three years.  The pledge period for larger scholarships is determined on an individual basis.  

Endowments are invested and managed in accordance with prudent standards that ensure the long term viability and earnings of the investment.  For more information about Endowed Scholarships, please contact Andrea Sala, Foundation Executive Director at (310) 660-6040 or

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 Last Published 3/30/15