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Ways of Giving

Outright Gifts

You can support the work of the Foundation with a gift of cash or securities (stocks or bonds), real estate or other personal assets.

Charitable Gift Annuity
Income for Life for You …
Benefit for Future Generations

A charitable gift annuity is an extraordinary way to make a gift, increase your income and slice your tax bill – all in one transaction! Our charitable gift annuity program was created as a service to our many friends who have expressed a desire to make a gift of significance, while still retaining income from the gift property during their lives.

A charitable gift annuity is a contract in which you exchange a gift of cash or securities for a fixed income each year for the rest of your life (or for the lives of two people). Your gift annuity offers five distinct advantages:

  • Income for Life – at attractive payout rates for one or two lives;
  • Tax Deductible Savings – a large part of what you transfer is a deductible charitable gift.
  • Tax-Free Payout – a large part of your annual payment is tax-free return of principal;
  • Capital Gains Tax Savings – when you contribute securities for a gift annuity, you minimize any taxes on your “paper profit;”
  • Personal Satisfaction – from making a gift of lasting significance.

You can choose how frequently payments will be made – quarterly, semiannually, annually; single-life or two-life annuity; cash or securities to fund your gift. Cash gifts allow maximum tax-free payments; gifts of securities allow you to minimize capital gains taxes.

For more information about Gift Annuities, contact Andrea Sala, foundation executive director, at (310) 660-6040 or

Bequest Through Will or Living Trust

A bequest to the Foundation can be for a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, real estate or property, or what will be left after you have provided for your survivors and can be designated for a specific program or Division, such as textbooks, scholarships, Fine Arts or Sciences.

Charitable Remainder Trusts (Annuity and Unitrusts)

Cash, securities or real estate are transferred to a trust which pays you joint-or single-lifetime income. You select the rate of return, set a fixed or variable annual payment, avoid capital gains taxes and receive an additional tax deduction.


An endowment is a gift of financial resources that provides a stable base for funding. Endowments ensure that your contribution supports not only our current students, but also the next generation of students.

El Camino College Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. All contributions to the El Camino College Foundation are tax deductible.

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