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Preparation before Class

  1. Make sure that you can access your El Camino College (ECC) email. Important announcements from the campus and instructors are usually sent to your ECC email, not your personal email (i.e., Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail).  For assistance with your ECC email, you may chat with technical support or call Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk at (310) 660-6571.
  2. Come to our free, on-campus Distance Education Student Welcome Hour or complete the web-based pre-orientation if this is your first online class at El Camino College. Please email the Distance Education Office for details.
  3. Read the Online Student Handbook
  4. Know and take advantage of the student resources provided by El Camino College
  5. Learn Distance Education Success Tips
  6. Check the Class Schedule to see what Course Management System (CMS) will be used in your class. Etudes is the college-supported CMS used by majority of instructors. Make sure your Etudes login works. Once logged in, you may not see your class(es) yet. This is not a problem; most instructors do not publish their classes until the first day of class. Having the correct Etudes username and password is what's important at this point. Before you log out, make sure that the email address associated to your Etudes account is your El Camino College email. 
  7. For classes using different CMSs, please contact your instructor for login information and support.
  8. On the First Day of Class
  • Login to your course
  • Navigate the site and get familiar with the structure of the course
  • Read the Syllabus, Announcements and Assignments
  • Contact your instructor if you have questions regarding the class
 Last Published 3/30/15