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Information about library projects and programs and items of interest to Faculty in planning their lessons and activities.

Faculty Liaison Librarians

Behavioral & Social Sciences
Except for Philosophy

  Moon Ichinaga x 6482
Philosophy   Alice Cornelio x 3522
Business and Law   Noreth Men x 6474
Fine Arts   Don Brown x 3722
Health Sciences & Athletics   Mary McMillan x 3876
Humanities   Claudia Striepe x 6006

Industry & Technology


Noreth Men

x 6474



Don Brown

x 3722

Natural Sciences

  Seth Daugherty x 3510


  Mary McMillan x 3876

You may also contact the Learning Resources Unit Director Alice Grigsby (x 3518) with any questions about this initiative. Librarians will change Divisions every two years or so.

What your liaison librarian can do for you:

  • Marketing of library services
  • Gather department assignments to share with Reference desk librarians
  • Gather information and ideas for potential new library services for you/students
  • Gather information & ideas for potential workshops for students and faculty
  • Send your students to your liaison librarian for in-depth help with assignments
  • Develop webliographies/bibliographies for you & your students
  • Cull magazines for articles of special interest to you /your Division
  • Personalized research in your field
  • Refer you to the correct persons for key functions/departments in the library
  • Inform you of new books/journals/databases in your field of study
  • Attend your Division meetings so we can tell the librarians what is happening in your area and pass on the latest news from the library

Lunch Hour Labs

  • Time: TBA
  • Topics: TBA
  • Instructors: Labs will be conducted by the librarians of the Schauerman Library.
  • Audience: All interested persons
  • Place: West Wing Library Basement Room 10
  • Objectives: To give interested persons a chance to meet the librarians and obtain a thorough knowledge of the ECC library organization and databases in an informal, "hands on" setting. Also the labs give persons missing an orientation class a second opportunity to receive useful information and acquire skills.
  • NOTE: Some instructors are giving extra credit to students who attend a certain number of sessions. If you, as an instructor, are interested in giving extra credit to your class, please phone Claudia Striepe (x6006) to arrange the details - or implement your own approach, such as having us sign a form of your making - and just tell the students to show up! Faculty are welcome at these sessions too. Flex credit will be given!

Guidelines for Effective Library Assignments

  • Faculty, please take a look at these tips from the Southern California Instruction Librarians when planning library research assignments so as to ensure a positive experience for all concerned!
  • Also, please consider leaving a copy of your assignment at the Reference desk for our Assignments Binder. It is amazing how many students do not have their assignment with them when they come to the library for assistance. A copy of the assignment helps us help them.

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 Last Published 3/30/15