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The Vehicle Code Laws of the State of California, the Ordinances of Los Angeles County and the Traffic and Parking Regulations of the El Camino Community College District are in effect 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and are enforced by the El Camino Police Department pursuant to section 21113 (a) of the California Vehicle Code.

All parking and traffic regulations are enforced through citations issued by the El Camino Police Department. The El Camino Community College District reserves the right to restrict the use of any parking stall, area, structures, or lot at any time.


  • All faculty and staff members are required to have and display a valid El Camino College staff parking permit to park a motor vehicle in staff parking lots.
  • All students and visitors are required to have and display a valid El Camino College Parking permit to park a motor vehicle in the student/general parking lots. One day parking permits are available from the parking permit machines located in the parking lots.
    • It is recommended that during the first four weeks of the semester that you plan to arrive at the campus at least one hour prior to the start of your class. 
  • The purchase of a semester parking permit does not guarantee you a parking space.
  • Automobiles or other four wheeled motor vehicles shall be parked only in the area and in such a manner as designated by the college. Parking is not allowed anywhere else on campus (outside of a marked stall).
  • Motorcycles and mopeds shall be parked only in designated motorcycle parking areas. Signs are posted at the entrance to the lot (staff, visitor, etc.) Parking may be restricted to spaces specifically marked for each group.
  • All motor vehicles shall be parked within and parallel to painted space boundary lines.
  • Motor vehicles shall not be parked/stopped
    1. Overnight on campus (except by special permission granted by the El Camino Police Department);
    2. In a space painted with multiple diagonal markings;
    3. In driving lanes within parking lots;
    4. On campus roads, service roads or driveways;
    5. Along curbs that are painted red or are painted to restrict zones exclusive of loading passenger zones which must be used for the purposes intended.
  • Disabled parking areas are strictly enforced every day, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. A vehicle shall not be parked or occupy a parking space that is designated as a disabled parking space unless that vehicle displays a disabled placard, license plate or permit.
  • Reserved parking stall (Red & White Curbs) require a valid reserved parking permit with matching stall/permit identification number.

Parking Permits

  • Staff and student parking permits are displayed by hanging them in front of the rear view mirror and may be transferred from one car to another. Decal permits that may be affixed to the inside window are available from the police department for individuals who drive vehicles that are difficult to secure.
    • All permits must be clearly visible from outside the vehicle.
    • Remove all expired permits from your dashboard to prevent misidentification.
  • Semester parking permits for students are $35.00 and are available from the Cashiers Office located in the southeast corner of the Bookstore Building, ground level. Students and visitors may also purchase daily parking permits from $3.00 per day. These permits are available from the parking permit machines located throughout the campus parking lots.
    • Semester permits purchased at El Camino College are valid for parking in designated Compton Education Center parking lots 
    • Semester permits purchased at the Compton Education Center are valid for parking in designated El Camino College parking lots (Unless stipulated on the displayed permit)
    • Temporary parking permits are not available for current/past permit holders
    • For any permit machine malfunctions please use one of the other machines located in each parking lot.
    • Machines are able to accept cash only: dollars bills, quarters, dimes, and nickles
    • There are no refunds for any lost money in the machines
    • To report an out of order machine please contact Parking Services @310-660-6769 (m/f 8:00am - 4:30pm) after hours contact the Police Department at 310-660-3100
  • Daily parking permits are to be displayed on the dashboard, with the permit date facing the front windshield.
  • Parking permits for the disabled and those with short term medical needs are available through the Parking Services Department. A doctor's waiver and/or disabled parking placard registration will be required to verify any disability claimed. This temporary permit will only be issued for a maximum of 45 days and is not renewable. 
  • Immediately report the theft of an El Camino College Parking Permit to the police department. A police report will be taken and the parking permit ID number will be placed in the stolen parking permit data base. The individual may purchase a replacement permit from the Cashiers Office. 
    • The fee for a replacement permit charged by cashiers is $35.00 and may not be waived.
    • The college is not responsible for any lost or stolen permits.
  • No vehicle shall be parked in excess of the posted time limit (within any 24 hour period) in any of the visitor parking areas.  Please check the signs posted in the visitor parking area for time limits. All vehicles parked in excess of the posted limits will be cited. 

Disabled Placards

  • A person shall not use such a plate or placard for the purpose of parking unless the person is disabled, or the driver of a vehicle in which a disabled person is a passenger.
  • Pursuant to section 22511.56 (a) of the California Vehicle Code any person on El Camino College Campus displaying a placard is subject to presenting proper identification and evidence of the issuance of that Placard to parking enforcement officers and or campus police officers upon the officer's request.
  • Misuse of a placard may result in, but are not limited to the confiscation, citation, removal of the vehicle, and/or arrest.   Misuse of a placard is described in section 4461 (c) of the California Vehicle Code and is classified as a misdemeanor.
  • Individuals displaying a disabled person's placard or disabled person's license plates may park in designated disabled persons parking stalls and timed zones with out receiving a citation.
  • Individuals displaying a disabled person's placard or disabled person's license plates parking in student or staff parking stalls (non-disabled persons stalls) persons parking stalls must display a valid ECC parking permit. Vehicles not displaying a valid ECC parking permit will be issued a parking citation.
  • Additional information may be found on CA-DMV's website, reference sections 22511.5 - 22511.95.


  • Parking and traffic regulations will be enforced through a joint action of the El Camino Police Department and the South Bay Superior Court, Torrance, California.
  • Citations issued by the police department and all fines are payable to the El Camino Community College District. Parking fines are a minimum of $38.00.
  • Parking Regulations are enforced 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Parking permit requirements are enforced 7 days per week, 24hrs a day, throughout the entire year, including holidays and weekends, unless otherwise specified.
  • Students and visitors may park in the staff parking lots with a valid El Camino College student parking permit/daily permits after 6pm weekdays and all day on weekends and holidays.

Towing and Booting

Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 22651 (I) C.V.C., a vehicle may be impounded when it is found parked on campus and has (5) five or more outstanding parking violations that have not been responded to within 21 days (paid or contested). Once a vehicle has been impounded or towed, it will not be released until all outstanding parking violations have been paid in full. All impound and storage costs associated with the impound will be be responsibility of the vehicle owner. Vehicles may also be booted or impounded if they are found parked on campus with California vehicle registration expired 6 months or more.  Vehicles that have been towed may only be picked up by the registered owner.

This vehicle code section applies to all roadways, parking lots and parking structures on campus.


The El Camino Community College District shall not be liable under any circumstances for the loss or damage caused to any vehicle parked on or adjacent to any District property.

 Last Published 3/30/15