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Testing is on a first-come, first-served drop-in basis -- no appointment is necessary. Assessment testing is free.


In order to test, you must have an El Camino College ID Number and a picture ID (such as a driver's license). The ID should be either government-issued or from a school, and be an original, not a copy. Your first and last names must be clearly legible and the photograph must be recognizable. You should also bring a pen to the testing session.

It is not possible to apply on-line and take the tests on the same day, as it takes at least 1-2 days in a slow period or up to 3-4 days in a busy period for the system to process your application and create an ID number for you.


Tests are not timed, but their length is approximately one hour each. Although the tests are taken on a computer, no special knowledge of computers is necessary. Results are available immediately after completion. 


All testing that requires accommodations is done on an individual basis through the Special Resource Center. All testing appointments must be arranged in advance with the SRC. If you will be needing accommodations for your placement or other tests to be taken on campus, please contact the Special Resource Center as soon as possible. SRC Testing Services may be reached at 310-660-3593, ext. 3293 or at SRCTA@ELCAMINO.EDU.


Neither ACT nor SAT scores are required for admission to El Camino College. In addition, although they may be used as part of multiple measures, these scores may not be used at El Camino for placement into either English or math courses.


The use of cellphones and other electronic media, including music-players, is not permitted in any of the testing rooms. All cellphones and electronic media must be turned off while testing. Students violating this rule may be asked to leave and their tests cancelled.


Check the testing prerequisites of classes you plan to take early enough, so that you will be able to complete any tests required before you register. Prerequisites are indicated in the course listings of both the College Catalog and Schedule of Classes. All testing data is generally uploaded to the registration system by 11pm of the day that you test. If you do not have your testing completed, you will not be able to enroll into the particular classes that require them. Placement testing for English, math, and English as a Second Language (ESL) (Part 1) is computerized and available on a drop-in basis in the Assessment/Testing Center, SSVC 217, according to posted hours. Other tests, such as the Chemistry Placement, are given on an appointment-basis only. Appointments for them must be made in person at the Assessment/Testing Center.


The EAP is a test designed by the State Colleges and administered to high school students to determine if they are "College Ready" in the subjects of English and math.  If, on their STAR Student Report, it indicates they are "College Ready" in both subject areas, it will not be necessary for them to take either the English or Math placement tests.  If, however, one or both of the results for English or math say "Conditional", then they will need to do the placement test(s) for the subject area(s) that say "Conditional".

EAP test results are good for placement up to one calendar year following graduation.

"College Ready" for English equals placement into English 1A.

"College Ready" for math equals placement into Math 110, 111, 115, 120, 130, 140, 150, and 170.

In order for a student to use the EAP results, they must take their STAR Student Report with the EAP results to an ECC Counselor to have waiver(s) put into the system for the appropriate placements.


Placement test scores are part of the multiple measures used in your overall assessment. Examples of multiple measures are academic skills, discipline-specific tests, courses completed, grades, use of skills at work, and work-related training. If you feel that your placement test scores do not accurately reflect your true English and math abilities, you should speak with a counselor and have him/her evaluate all documented multiple measures which pertain to you.  Remember to take your testing results with you when you attend your academic advisement or educational planning session.


The Assessment/Testing Center is no longer able to provide proctoring services for students taking on-line courses through other institutions.  However, this service is now available through the ECC Community Education Office.  Please contact them by phone (310-660-6460) or by e-mail ( for further information.

 Last Published 3/30/15