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Project Success

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Brian Mims
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Project Success History

Student Success Project Success is a recruitment and retention program that originally targeted recent African American high school graduates from the inner city areas of Los Angeles County, California. This program was developed in 1987 in response to the disproportionate number of African American students who had either dropped or had been academically dismissed from El Camino Community College. The program is open to any at–risk student who just graduated from high school and is serious and motivated.

Support Services

A variety of support services are provided to students in Project Success. These programs include academic counseling, pre–registration workshops, mentoring, cultural and university field trips, book loans, scholarships, and Learning Communities.

Please click here for our downloadable flyer about Project Success and its requirements.

Required Courses for the Fall Semester - FIRST YEAR

Human Development 10 – Strategies for Success in College
This course is designed to provide Project Success student with the knowledge, skills and personal/interpersonal awareness necessary for success in college.

Library Information Science 1 - Introduction to Library Skills
This course will enable students to utilize libraries effectively. Students will become familiar with the history and organization of libraries and the different types of print and electronic reference sources that they contain.

Student Success

Required Courses for the Spring Semester - FIRST YEAR

Human Development 5 - Career Planning
This course will provide students with career planning techniques. Emphasis will be placed on selecting a career based on self examination of interests, personality and values.

Psychology 10 - African American Psychology
This course is an introduction to scientific study of African Americans. It emphasizes the psychological issues related to the African American experience in America.

Required Courses for the Fall Semester - SECOND YEAR

History 12A - Introduction to African History: Prehistory to 1885
This course is a survey of Africa from human evolution to the eve of colonial rule.  Emphasis will be given to the political, economic, and social development of the African continent.  Topics to be analyzed include African trade relations with Europe and the world, the influences of Christianity and Islam in Africa, the Transatlantic slave trade, African Diaspora, and early European incursions. 

Required Courses for the Spring Semester - SECOND YEAR

Art 9 - History of African Art
This course is an introductory survey of African art in relation to its historical and cultural contexts.  It focuses on specific groups and regions with an emphasis on sub-Sahara West and Central Africa, stressing the different roles of the visual arts within each culture.

Current Status and Success Rate

Currently, there are over 165 students and 60 mentors actively involved in Project Success.

The retention rate from the fall to spring first semester averages between 83–95%. This compares to a 50% retention rate of comparable first year students. Students who complete the program transfer to universities, both in state and out–of–state at a much higher rate and students who transfer complete their bachelor degrees in less than three years after graduation from El Camino College.
 Last Published 3/30/15