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Student Success Transfer & Retention Services (SSTARS)

SSTARS Programs
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The History of SSTARS

The Student Success Transfer and Retention Services (SSTARS) committee evolved from the Counseling and Student Services Division retreat in Spring 2003. Due to state budget cuts and the increased needs of our El Camino College community, the Student Services focus group agreed to create a committee that would support the collaboration, communication and development of services for student success, transfer and retention. As a result, SSTARS was created and continues to support the mission of El Camino College: "To meet the needs of our diverse community and ensure success by offering quality comprehensive educational opportunities."

The Goals of SSTARS

  • To improve communication between programs and the community.

  • To increase student retention rates and ultimately success in college.

  • To share information about our programs and services.

  • To celebrate student accomplishments.To raise money for the El Camino College Library Book Depot and other student needs.



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 Last Published 3/30/15