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University of California - UC

Fall Semester or Quarter 
Winter Quarter/Spring Semester  
Spring Quarter

November 1-30 (all campuses open)              
July 1-31 (if campuses are open*)   
October 1-31 (if campuses are open*)

California State University - CSU

Fall Semester or Quarter  
Winter Quarter
Spring Semester or Quarter        
Summer Semester
Summer Quarter

October 1 – November 30 (all campuses open)
June 1 – 30 (quarter schools only)
August 1-31 (if campuses are open*)
January 2 – February 28 (Dominguez Hills & San Marcos only)
February 1 – 28 (quarter schools only)



Loyola Marymount University       

Mount St Mary's College

Fall: October 15 (Part I application)
Fall: February 1 (Part II application)
Fall: November 1 - March 15
Spring: October 15

Fall: June 1
Spring: December 1

NOTE: Not all campuses or programs are open for Winter and/or Spring terms. Also, some campuses and some
majors may be open for Fall term only.

Visit the following websites or visit the Transfer Center to find out which campuses and majors are open:

CSU website:  
UC Web site:



University of California (UC)

California State University (CSU)



Mount St. Mary's College

Arizona State University (ASU)  

Common Application


Check out the videos below on the personal statement:



So you have completed the first step in reaching your transfer goals, congratulations! Some questions may arise regarding
the steps you should take after you have successfully submitted your application. Please read the following information
for answers.

University of California (UC)

You've confirmed your UC eligibility, written your personal statement, submitted your UC application, paid your application fees. Now what? You still have a few more items to cross off your list. For more information go to

California University of California (CSU)

1. You will receive an application acknowledgment from the campus to which you applied. Read it carefully and follow any instructions about when to send in documents (i.e. official transcripts) or when to take placement tests. 

2. You will receive notification of your admission status. Each CSU campus has its own timeline and process for advising students regarding their admissions status. Most CSU campuses will send you an email with information about how to logon to their student portal website so you can track your application status. This is important because any messages with requests for more documents will be communicated through these websites. We strongly recommend that you check your email often and be sure emails do not get lost in your SPAM folder.

3. When you are admitted to the campus, you will receive information about orientation, registration, and other activities for new students. 

For more information regarding transcripts and admissions notification, please refer to Transfer Frequently Asked Questions on the CSU Mentor website. To view the status of your submitted application, please refer to the relevant CSU campus(es) website(s). The following link is a map of all the CSU campuses. Click on the specific campus to be directed to their website

Don't Forget:

Apply for Financial Aid: Apply Early! The filing period begins on January 1st each year. Fill out the FAFSA form by March 2. Students can access the FAFSA application online at

Apply for University Housing: Be sure to check the Housing application deadlines for each applied to university. Some universities may encourage students to apply for housing even before learning of acceptance, since housing availability may
be limited. Visit the relevant Housing information pages of each university you are considering to become familiar with the application process for housing.

CSU GE/IGETC Certification: If you will complete either your CSU General Education or IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) be sure to have it certified (officially checked) after completion of the appropriate courses. The certification will be sent along with your final transcripts, which can be requested through the Records window at El Camino College. Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to determine eligibility of IGETC or CSU General Education certification
prior to requesting certification.

 Last Published 3/30/15