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El Camino College has TAGs with the following universities and colleges:


 University of California (UC)

San Diego
(UCSD TAG not available after Fall 2014)
Santa Barbara
Santa Cruz

[Click individual campus link for specific TAG information]


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Historically Black Colleges & Universities

Albany State
Bennett College
Clark Atlanta University
Dillard University
Fisk University
Hampton University
Johnson C. Smith University
Morehouse College

[Click here for HBCU TAG/TAP Admissions Criteria]

General UC Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG) Criteria:

  •  You must meet the definition of a California community college student.
    • You have been enrolled at one or more CCCs for at least two regular terms (excludes summer sessions).
    • You have completed at least 30 semester (45 quarter) UC-transferable units at a CCC.
    • You are attending a CCC as your last college before transfer (excludes summer sessions).

  •  Complete at least 60 UC-transferable semester units by the end of spring prior to fall admission.

  •  Complete the following 7-course pattern requirements, earning a grade of C or better in each course by the end of spring prior to fall admission:
    • Two UC transferable college courses in English composition;
    • One UC transferable college course in mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning;
    • Four UC transferable college courses selected from among at least two of the following three areas:
      • Arts and Humanities
      • Behavioral and Social Sciences
      • Biological and Physical Sciences

  • All campuses require 30 UC transferable units completed by the end of the summer of the year you will submit a TAG application form and the UC Admissions Application.

  • You can have a TAG with only one UC campus.

  • TAG applications must be submitted online by September 30. The UC Admission Application must be submitted by November 30.

 Criteria that will be specific to each UC campus:

  • The GPA requirement will vary by UC campus and by major or college.
  • The completion timeline of the English and math requirements will vary by UC campus.
  • The supplemental criteria for selective majors will vary by UC campus.

  Go to
  for the TAG Matrix, the online TAG form, and links to the individual UC campus TAG information and criteria.

General HBCU TAG Criteria:

  • Each campus has a different minimum unit requirement ranging from 12 units completed to 30 units completed.
  • The minimum GPA requirements vary by campus and range from 2.0-3.0.
  • Please check with a counselor for the specific campus requirements.
  • Other benefits may include priority consideration for housing; waiver of the application fee; and priority consideration for scholarships.

Click here for the HBCU TAG/TAP Admissions Criteria

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 Last Published 3/30/15